The messenger


Go mbazu, forerunner of the gods
And tell Ukpala of its lies
Men can harm thee not
For death fears thee the most

Go tell Okosisi, king of Ukpala
Of its treachery
That his kingdom breeds iniquity
And if he replies
Give him madness

Go tell Nweke, Queen of Ukpala
Of her dirty ways
Her soul stinks of adultery
If she replies
Give her agony

Go tell Ude, chief priest of Ukpala
Of his greed
That his way are abominable
If he replies
Give him death

Go tell the council of elders
Of their persistent injustice
That their heart harbours corruption
If they give you reply
Give them misery

Go tell the maidens
Of their lost glory
That their acts are abominable
If they give you reply
Give them barreness

To the sons of Ukpala
Say to them
Their cowardice mocks Ukpala
For if they reply thee
Mock them with defeat

And to the children of Ukpala
Say this to them
Forsake the ways of thy fathers
For doom is its consequences
If they reply thee not
Spare them life.

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